About Us

Aasme is a power house run by Asma who discovers the unseen beauties of established designs and blends them into modern sensibilities. Her work depicts a sense of strong motivation from rich eastern culture which has been emblazoned into modern fashion design, a treat for women of all times.

Asma’s strong inspiration from the rich eastern color palette clearly reflects in her latest work. All bridal dresses carry delicate embellishments on it that is sensibly emblazoned in an eye-catching way. Bridal dress is taken as a serious matter as it serves an important part of women’s life. The design house offers an elite mixture of causal fashions to the chic designs with unique color combinations in women’s fashions. You will find all the dresses very beautiful and royal.

Asma has been working all this time not to just become best amongst the best but to struggle its way to bring new diverse designs to the market. She knows very well the craft of interchanging traditional designs into new modern styles. Asma has been working diligently to cover international markets and already is the much talked about, big name in the town for the commitment and creativity she adorns.


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